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اثر هیروشی ساکورازاکا از انتشارات کتابسرای تندیس - مترجم: سارا پورحسینی-بهترین رمان ها

In a global war between humans and invading aliens, called Mimics, Keiji is a trooper at the beginning of his short career in the army. Despite his high-tech body armour, hes not destined to last long - hes quickly dead. But then hes quickly alive again, as somehow his life is rewound a day. It only makes for prolonged horror for the rookie, but it happens again and again. Each time he gets a better intelligence of what his destiny might have been - can he learn enough each time round to make a difference, and possibly break the loop?

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معرفی کتاب همه کاری که باید بکنی کشتن است از نگاه کاربران
@ فقط یک چیز بدتر از مُردن وجود دارد. اینکه دوباره و دوباره بمیری ... هنگام حمله‌ی فضایی‌ها، کیجی کی‌ریا فقط یکی از تازه‌سربازانی‌ست که لباس نظامی به تنش کرده‌اند و به عنوان گوشت دم توپ به میدان نبرد می‌فرستندش. کیجی در جنگ می‌میرد و در نتیجه‌ی یک سری حوادث هر روز صبح دوباره زنده شود تا دوباره بجنگد و دوباره بمیرد. او در 158اُمین چرخه‌‌ی میان مرگ و زندگی‌اش متوجه چیزی متفاوت می‌شود، چیزی که انتظارش را نداشت: سرباز زنی که او را با نام «عوضی تمام‌فلزی» می‌شناختند. آیا «عوضی» کلید فرار کیجی است یا مسبب آخرین مرگِ او؟

داستان «همه‌ی کاری که باید بکنی کشتن است» در آینده‌ی نزدیک نامعلومی رخ می‌دهد که در آن موجوداتی فضایی به نام «میمیک» به زمین حمله کرده‌اند و نه تنها نژاد بشری، بلکه حیات تمامی گونه‌های گیاهی و حیوانی را در معرض انقراض قرار داده است. این داستان در واقع روایتی از گذار شخصیتی دو انسان معمولی–کیجی کی‌ریا و ریتا ورتاسکی-‌ست که مجبور به انجام کاری غیرعادی می‌شوند. آن‌ها باید زمین را از دست حمله‌ی بیگانگان نجات دهند.

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داستان خوب بود. پایان احساساتی‌تر از چیزی بود که با توجه به فیلم انتظارش رو داشتم. کانسپت‌ها بهتر از فیلم اکسپلور شده بودن و در واقع وجهه علمی‌تخیلیش بیشتر منطق علمی تخیلی داشت و کمتر منطق هالیوودی. ریتم بد نبود و تغییر پی او وی که رخ میده به جا بود
و ضمنا این تاثیری توی نمره‌م نداشته ولی ترجمه کتابسرای تندیس در یک کلام فاجعه بود. جدا از اینکه مطلقا ویرایش نشده بود و پر بود از غلط‌های املایی و ویرایشی و نگارشی، اصلا جاهایی من از ورای متن فارسی میتونستم ببینم تکست انگلیسی چی بوده که مترجم منظور رو اشتباه متوجه شده یا ضرب‌المثل رو تحت‌اللفظی ترجمه کرده و امثالهم
خلاصه اینکه ترجمه انگلیسی رمان یا خوندن مانگاها بیشتر پیشنهاد میشه

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@She could walk into any hell and come back [email protected]

Rita. Vrataski. They call her crazy. They call her a badass. They call her a lot of names.

Angel of Death. Mad Wargarita. Full Metal Bitch.

Few know the truth. That shes all of those things. And more. And less. Even fewer know the reason why. Keiji Kiriya is about to join their ranks.

This is the story of two ordinary people forced to do the extraordinary; save the human race from an alien invasion. We meet Keiji, a green Japanese recruit, on the day of his first battle. Nothing goes right. Its an ambush, a slaughter. The members of his unit are dropping like flies. Then hes fatally injured.

Thats when he meets her. The crazy chick with the broadsword, her armor painted red to draw the enemy straight to her.

@The Full Metal Bitch.
Id heard stories. A war junkie always chasing the action, no matter where it led her. Word had it she and her Special Forces squad from the U.S. Army had chalked up half of all confirmed Mimic kills ever. Maybe anyone who could see that much fighting and live to tell about it really was the Angel of [email protected]

Rita is one of the most badass characters Ive ever encountered. I think my favorite thing about her is how understated she is. She doesnt run around pounding on her chest, aping masculine displays of dominance while declaring her badassery. Off the battlefield, shes just a regular, small town girl from the midwest. Shes curious, a little gullible, and sweet.

And then she puts on an armor suit, heaves a broadsword, and rains down death and destruction from the mother fucking sky.

Keiji is not a badass. At least not in the beginning of this book. But then he kills a Mimic not quite like the others and inherits their strange ability to alter time, resetting it every time he dies.

Hes also a regular guy. Actually, hes almost boringly ordinary in the beginning of this. Then he dies. Then he dies some more. Then he dies a lot more. And then he begins to change. He morphs from an average Japanese soldier into a Full Metal Mother Fucker.

This book is incredible. So much better than the movie (view spoiler)[Duh, right? Isnt that ALWAYS the case? (hide spoiler)]. Less romance-heavy and more character study meets epic action sequences. And the writing, GAH, the writing. You feel every emotion. You hear every bomb drop:

@I grip the trigger with stiff fingers: my arms shake as I send a rain of scorching steel down onto the enemy. The rifle kicks as I fire it. Vunk. Vunk. Vunk. A beat steadier than my heart. A soldiers spirit isnt in his body. Its in his [email protected]

Now, if only I could kill me a Mimic and experience first time reading this over and over again.

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I knew about this novel due that its the basis for the incoming movie Edge of Tomorrow and I am truly glad that I was able to read the original Japanese novel before of watching the movie.

The novel itself is something odd in the Japanese literature culture, since its a prose novel. I say this, since on Japan, the Manga culture is quite spread and even there are mangas for all tastes, genders and ages. And I must say that the topic and story of this novel could fit quite easily in a manga format presentation, since its military sci-fi with cibernetic battle suits, involving time travel and an alien invasion. So, finding that the author chose to present this story in a prose novel was something quite brave.

I just found out that it will be a manga adaptation of the story, most likely since the prose novel got a lot of hype due the incoming live action movie. I am a huge fan of manga, but I am truly glad of being able to read first the story on its original format.

To explain quick what you can expect here, its like Groundhog Day meets Halo.

I really like how smart is this novel. It presents a great characters development. Also its a festival of genres, while the military science-fiction is the main genre, you can find too elements of dystopia, mystery, politics and romance. Also, the author did a great work establishing his own sci-fi technology, how it works and how the pilots must use it. Everything in a total adult way.

The main characters are Keiji Kiriya and Rita Vrataski. Something quite amusing when the characters are described is that Rita Vrataski is a petite woman with red hair, but due she is a hero of the army forces, it will be done a movie on U.S. about her, and its said that the chosen actress is a tall blonde woman, that its how Emily Blunt will performed the character on the incoming movie.

The interaction between the main characters and the interaction of them with the secondary characters, everything is done masterfully with realism and depth.


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I love Groundhog Day movie, especially how the character grew from hopeless person into a
great character that proficient using the time loops. so, when I realized the premise in this book is time looping mixed with military SF, I am sold.

When Apple, my GR friend, recommended me this book, I have never heard about Japanese light novel format. (Later I learned that It was basically another name of shorter novel, or novella). So it was an exotic recommendation: a fiction from a Japanese author, a SF story mixing military and time-loop, in unfamiliar format.

From the start, the story is an easy 4 star rating, with a lot of action scenes and the character developments. But when I was reading the table of contents, I was struck.
1. The timeline of the story is not linear, and there is flowchart explaining the timeline of the story. The author is serious in making non linear story and I admit the flowchart is effective to making the reading experience more enjoyable.
2. The book is divided into four parts. The book structure is reminding me of a japanese poem. I read a poem at http://jeffinous.blogspot.com/2011/12... which is:

Two sisters of a Kyoto silk merchant, pretty as flowers,
One aged twenty, the other eighteen.
Swords of militia can kill multitudes of life,
Seductive glances from these two beauties can slay entire armies.

I had high expectation reading this book. After I finished it, I am satisfied because this book fulfilled my expectation. I was expecting the book was divided into four-part. Just like the poem above; the first line contains the initial phrase; the second line, the continuation of that phrase; the third line turns from this subject and begins a new one; and the fourth line brings the first three lines together.

Oh, I risk indirect spoilers just by quoting the poem. :P (view spoiler)[The first and second part are the story from POV of Kiriya. The third part has POV from Rita Vrataski. The fourth part is where two protagonists join forces. (hide spoiler)]

As if I ordered the book written according to my own criteria. An unexpected excellent reading.

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This book is a great read. I watched the movie, @Edge of [email protected] first, so read this book with that perspective.

I have to say, the book is fast paced, introspective, and very in the moment. I felt that I could understand the feelings of the characters much better through this novel than I could through the movie.

Whereas the movie focused on the war, the book focused on the individuals and how they dealt with their situation. The movie was a singular event, the book was a continuum of events.

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DNF at 23%

► Because

► And because

Now thats what I call an in-depth review. But thats all youll get. Because I have no time for this. And because thats how little I care about this story. And I wont even bother rating this. Thats how little I care about this story. I said that already, didnt I? Oh well.

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